TOP 5 Reasons you will love  ZE-Xperience

1. You always get what you want!
Whether it is the cut, color, style or whatever hair care need you require. We make sure you get the best treatment that is most suitable for your unique features ensuring your look complies with your lifestyle.

2. Best Xperience
Leave all your worries behind as you relax in a hair clinic like no other. You choose how you want your service. With a facility that offers private rooms, you get the ZE-Xperience as you wish!

3. Skilled Professionals
Our talented team are certified professionals to make sure you get the up-to-date quality work performed. All staff are trained extensively on technical skills, products and expertise, ensuring you get superior service each and every time.

4. Become Educated
Growing up, no one is really taught about their hair. Not only will you leave with a great service, you will also be given tips and tricks on how to maintain your unique style. SHHH, these are secrets most stylists will not want to tell you.

5. 100% Guarantee             
That is exactly what it means when we say “The best Xperience, Gauranteed”. We will do everything possible to make sure you are happy. Otherwise, we will not charge you for that service.

When we say we are the Best in York Region, we mean it!


11685 Yonge Street Unit B109
Richmond Hill, ON L4E 0K7
Phone: (905) 237-9397

Map: http://goo.gl/maps/rKaXz

Email: info@zexp.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/zexperience1